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I am a creative and strategic thinker, never taking an easy way out. Being highly motivated and result-oriented, I am currently pursuing professional development in the intersection of marketing, design and technologies to create innovations of my own.

What I do

Creative & Design

Creativity is a key for innovation and creating inspiring experiences, from idea generation to the final execution. Having the necessary artistic skills and mindset, I have worked on delivering aesthetic and functional executions in art direction and design.

Marketing & Strategy

Having an extensive education in marketing and business perspectives, I understand what it takes to identify market opportunities, develop new products and deliver a successful execution for the client in both digital and traditional mediums.

User Experience

In a digitally-empowered world, user experience lies on the crossroads of marketing, technology and design. Combining consumer journeys with usability principles, I know how to drive engagement and conversion with intuitive and aesthetic interfaces.

Work Examples


Maryna is an exceptional designer and creative thinker; she bridges the crucial gap between technology and design with flair and originality. Her executional competence matched with her passion make her an incredible asset to any team or brand she works with, and her technical fluency allows her to easily interface with development teams working across innovative technologies, delivering huge value to projects. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any such role or position.

Ossie Amir

CMO, Bot the Builder

I have worked with Maryna on many projects (internal and client side) and I have seen her dedication to her craft both as a designer and as a digital marketing expert. Given the fact that she was doing both university and job at the same time, it was impressive to see how she just breezes through her tasks and how she takes on different hats in executing her vision. She is great both as a team player and on her own. People just admire her enthusiasm, and she loves learning about new things that will make her better at her job.

– Olivia Dela Rosa

Junior Producer, Rush Digital

Maryna was a high achiever academically; not only were her test and exam results very good,  she also prepared  research reports and presentations which provided clear evidence of her enquiring intellect and high standards of presentation. I am very happy to recommend Maryna for any position which entails commitment, responsibility, leadership or motivating others.

– Michael Graham

English Faculty Coordinator, ACG

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