I was a key artistic lead on the Visa AI project. The aim was to reinforce Visa as an innovative and millennial-oriented brand as well as a thought leader.  As a solution, Rush Digital has developed a one-of-a-kind interactive booth that hosted a large screen with a bot that showcased the user what the future of travel and payments with Visa could look like. This included machine learning driven system and natural language processing capability to visually and verbally engage the guests and present each with their personalised adventure.

Being the main designer, I have established the project’s broad art direction and developed the visuals for the interaction screens between the bot and the user. The style reflected the Visa’s universal brand and communicated the aesthetics of future machine-to-human interactions. I have also worked closely with the in-house developers and animators to ensure the smooth delivery and precision of enlivening the concepts. Overall, the experience has made many positive impressions both among the Rush’ and the client’s teams.