I was the main artist and creative lead for the VR shooter 'Elementalist' developed in Rush Digital. Soon after joining the team, I was task to visualise the game concepts, invent the environment, and creatively adjust it to the technical limitations that the developers were facing. The end result of a rapid development cycle was a beautiful space-scape, meaning to combine the sci-fi and fantasy premises of the plot and create sensations of mysticism, solitude and affliction.

When the game was taken took to the opening of Auckland NZ AR/VR Association, people were blown away with the mechanics and the game balancing, we were getting comments like "I feel so powerful!" and "OMG this is Unreal!".

'Elementalist' was also Greenlit by the Steam Community, allowing further development.


In a forgotten time, on a forgotten world, you are the last of the universe architects: an Elementalist.

Born of chaos, the Elementalists created balance and equanimity in a young universe still yet defining itself. Through the millennia your race has sought and manipulated the elements born from the chaos, using them to manipulate the universe and enlighten the younger races as they grow. But time is the enemy of all. As the universe ages, the elemental sources grow scarce and with it, the universal balance begins to wane. The elementals you have strived to keep in balance become hostile, in their own struggle for survival. You hoard the final source of pure elements, in the vain hope that you can re-establish order in the universe, but with the world has turning against you the challenge is no small task!

More Concepts

Game Premise

Overall, ‘Elementalist’ was born from the concept of a VR shooter with both tactile and cerebral elements. In terms of cerebral it is akin to Ikaruga; the gameplay consists of a polarity mechanic with two elements Fire (Orange) and Ice (Blue). All enemies, shields and bullets in the game are made of these elements, and the player may attack or defend using either element.

The premises of the game are simple: